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Mission & History


Transforming lives through affordable education.


As a premier community college, Pima Community College (PCC) will be a catalyst for personal transformation, economic growth, and cultural prosperity that enriches our diverse community.


Empower every learner, every day, for every goal.

As an open-admissions community college within the diverse setting of Pima County, PCC provides comprehensive and flexible life-long learning opportunities to promote learner success and to empower every learner, every day, for every goal.

Every learner: We commit to meeting the diverse needs of every person who seeks to further themselves through education.

Every day: We strive for excellence in teaching and support services, to ensure that all of our learners experience a welcoming and supportive environment that enhances their education.

Every goal: We align our programs and services with meaningful careers, quality educational pathways, and equity-driven practices to empower learners to succeed in their college and career goals.


We champion these behaviors that exemplify the spirit of our college to foster a compassionate, productive educational environment for our whole community.

Every employee is encouraged to:

  • Commit to equity and social justice. Meet each learner where they are and seek to improve equity in our community through every decision that we make.
  • Have frank, open conversations and give each other the benefit of the doubt. Act earnestly, ethically, and value integrity in everything we do.
  • Open up to change and endeavor to serve our learners and the community by soliciting, valuing and using their input.
  • Innovate. Actively seek new ways of serving our learners and bring creativity to everything we do. Have the courage to take risks.
  • Challenge our processes, assumptions, and the status quo to remove barriers and find more efficient ways to operate.
  • Evaluate our effectiveness. Assess outcomes regularly to champion what is proven to work well and direct resources to the areas in greatest need of improvement.
  • Serve. Provide outstanding service to our learners, the community and each other. Work closely with employees, employers, corporate and non-profit partners, schools and government agencies in the service of our learners.

Mission Fulfillment

The new mission fulfillment framework was approved in May 2021. New institutional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been identified and are included in the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. 

You can help ensure the core themes and objectives meet the needs of the community. Provide feedback to

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